About Mindful Parenting Magazine

In a world of fast-paced living, constant comparisons, and the pressure to do more and be more, life as a parent to children of any age can be overwhelming, leaving many parents pouring from an empty cup. Our goal at Mindful Parenting Magazine is to provide nourishment for those who nurture. We do this by connecting to our readers with relatable editorial, advice from parenting experts and self-care inspiration that invites them to slow down, take a well-deserved moment for themselves and explore who they are – in and outside of being a parent.

Inspirational and relatable content

As a thoughtfully crafted bi-monthly title, Mindful Parenting Magazine is loved for its refreshing perspective and heartfelt stories that unfold throughout the five editorial pillars – Wellbeing, Relationships, Self-Care, Balance, and Joy, inspiring readers to embrace a calm and considered approach to life as a parent.

Each issue of the magazine includes feature articles that draw on commentary from reliable and trusted sources, as well as pieces penned by parenting experts like Maggie Dent, Rebecca Sparrow and Shevone Hunt. We include easy self-care practices like yoga and meditation, inspiration for building and nurturing relationships, advice for strengthening emotional intelligence and resilience, natural sleep remedies for the whole household, and tips for coping with the often unrealistic expectations placed on parents in the modern world. Plus, you’ll find joyful activities for both parent and child, such as mindful colouring, memory making in the kitchen, and hands-on crafts for creating tangible keepsakes and heartfelt moments.

What our readers say

Your magazine is very high quality, it is also so true to its intent, for parents to come home to self and be the parent we promised ourselves and we promised our children we would be. I have so much respect for your business, its ethos, and your product. Well done.

- Tiffany

Your magazine reminded me of many things, the things we know but need to be reminded of - to name a few, self-care, accepting that’s ‘enough for now’, get off the phone, bake and eat more as a family, really good reminder to get the kids to help prepare dinner, as well as some great Christmas gift ideas - big time saver thank you!

- Suzie

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