5 ways to create a peaceful nursery

Creating a nursery that is peaceful and practical can be an overwhelming experience.

We spoke to Interior Stylist, Catherine Heraghty, who shared her top tips on cultivating a calm and soft nursery for both mother and child.

Colour: picking muted colours that are easy to live with and easy on the eye are going to help create a sense of peace and tranquillity rather than colours that are more saturated and brighter. Visually, soft colours are quieter so pastel combinations work well for nurseries.

Lighting: having lots of natural light is essential in creating a peaceful nursery. This could be through sky lights, large windows or simply removing old window treatments that block natural light. Having more natural light makes a space feel not only larger but much more inviting.

Window treatments: I love using sheer curtains in nurseries as during the day it is the perfect way to let in the diffused natural light, it really softens the sunshine adding to that calming feel. It’s also a great way to close out that little bit of light for daytime naps. I tend to also put a block out roller blind behind my sheer curtains for nighttime when you need that extra privacy and insulation.

Soft furnishings: when designing a nursery, it’s important to think not only how the room will be enjoyed and used by the baby, but also by the parents. Having a soft upholstered chair for nursing is a great way to create a zone in the nursery, somewhere you can rest while you feed and settle.

Theme: when selecting your theme for your nursery, think of something that is going to be soft and subtle rather than bold and brash. Characters and hot fuchsia pinks are quite intense and stimulating whereas a woodlands theme is a lot sweeter, whimsical, and more peaceful! I think its calmer on the eyes and creates a softer, more serene nursery.

Image credit: The Palm Co.

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