The health and wellbeing benefits of self-care

Make time each day to practise self-care and your mind will reap the benefits.

The term ‘self-care’ is one that has gained huge momentum in recent years, and while it may seem that it’s all about face masks and meditation, there’s no denying the importance of proactively incorporating self-care practices into your daily life.

When we take the time to care for ourselves each day – even if it’s only for a few moments – we become more capable of creating space in our minds to care for our loved ones. Read on to discover the importance and benefits of practicing self-care, and our simple yet rewarding self-care activities and routines that you can incorporate into your life to help fill your cup every day.

Why self-care is important for parents?

When we are feeling our best physically, emotionally and mentally, we’re able to function comfortably and happily, allowing us to tackle daily tasks and demands with ease, especially while in the stressful throes of parenting. This is where self-care can play a vital role in allowing us to take time out, breathe, reboot and give ourselves some well-deserved self-nourishment.

5 key benefits of practicing self-care:

Better able to manage tasks. Allowing yourself time and space for you and saying ‘no’ to other people and social events that don’t serve your wellbeing helps your goals to come into sharp focus and take your full attention.

Improved physical health. By reducing the demands in your life and allowing yourself to put time and energy into your needs, you’re less likely to become rundown and prone to colds and digestive issues or niggling aches and pains.

Boosted self-esteem. By simply taking time each day to look inwards and address your own needs and wants, you’re gently reminded of your sense of self, which encourages self-reflection and enhances your self-esteem.

More space to give to others. Giving yourself the space and time to care for yourself allows you more capacity to care for your loved ones. Think of self-care as the process of decluttering your mind and clearing space for yourself, but also the people in your life that truly matter, including your family, children, and friends.

7 self-care activities to try

When you think of self-care activities, your mind may envision face masks, binging on Netflix, or floating in a warm bath. While these are excellent self-care practices, there are many other activities that you may not have thought of that can help bring you calm and joy. Try incorporating our suggested self-care activities below into your routine to help you mindfully and slowly refill your cup.

  • Taking a walk among nature and feeling the fresh air fill your lungs
  • Cuddling your pet and taking the time to notice their breathing patterns and heartbeat
  • Journaling about your day or your feelings. Remember not to pressure yourself to write the ‘right’ thing – the purpose of this activity is to let go and express anything that is on your mind
  • Make a daily list of things you feel grateful for and that make your heart feel whole
  • Attend a yoga class to help you feel grounded, calm and centred
  • Reconnect with an old friend or relative that you haven’t spoken to for some time
  • Jump in a warm shower and sing a song that makes you feel happy and calm

Your self-care checklist

You may find it helpful to create your own self-care checklist that you can refer to throughout the day to remind yourself to look after yourself. Your checklist may include:

  • Sip your favourite tea or drink a glass of warm water with lemon (and finish it!)
  • Set your goals for the day
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Read 10 pages of your book
  • Do at least one creative activity whether its cooking or journaling
  • Light a candle and take a warm bath

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