Pretty in plants

When it comes to beauty products, nature is the master chemist according to expert skin therapist, organic beauty coach, and eco-makeup artist,...


A love for all seasons

Self-care is a love language to your body and your mind, so pay heed to the changing tides.


Growing strong

Have you ever been told you’re clever? Have you ever thought ‘I’m so great at this, I don’t need to even try to be successful’? Nice as...


A life of mindful kindness

Mindfulness has established itself as a powerful practice to improve physical health, emotional wellbeing and relationships. Regular practise...


Yes to NOMO

When we commoditise our time, rest seems worthless. But without it, we can't function. Is it time to embrace NOMO, the necessity of missing out?


Extra ordinary

In a world that encourages us to always be 'the best', Shevonne Hunt has decided to embrace the glorious imperfection of being average.


Glistening, wild and free

There is an innate healing power and wisdom within us all.


Don’t worry, be app-y

Introducing Smiling Mind, the mindfulness must-have bringing calm to your family’s fingertips.


Tend your zen

Connect with nature and the now, and learn to love slow living.